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| What is a foreign trade agent?

Foreign trade agency refers to the service behavior that enterprises entrust their foreign trade marketing and market operation agent to a third party through the form of business outsourcing.

Foreign trade agency is applicable to some production-oriented enterprises that have just started without professional foreign trade teams and some factories with remote addresses, and it is difficult to recruit professional foreign trade personnel by themselves. It can reduce a large part of your company's expenses (rent, personnel salary and promotion expenses, etc.) and bring tangible results.

Foreign Trade Agency Service

|| Agent Service Scope:

1. Alibaba and other B2B platforms operation and maintenance, inquiry and follow-up;

2. Assist in establishing and maintaining the company's independent promotion website and optimize the product Google ranking;

3. Mainstream social media, such as Facebook / LinkedIn / YouTube / Tiktok accounts register, promote operation;

4. Special personnel are responsible for mastering all the product information and prices provided by the factory to meet the requirements of independent communication and negotiation with customers;

5. Special personnel are responsible for all the work in the process of follow up, including: early negotiation follow up, all English documents production, booking, customs declaration, delivery and payment recovery and the whole foreign trade process;