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Method of use of carburizer

Sep. 19, 2023

Furnace input method

Carburizer is suitable for melting in induction furnace, but the specific use is not the same according to the process requirements.

(1) The use of carburizer in medium-frequency electric furnace melting can be added to the middle and lower parts of the electric furnace according to the ratio or carbon equivalent requirements, and the recovery rate can reach more than 95%;

(2) If the amount of carbon is insufficient to adjust the carbon time, first hit the furnace slag, and then add the carburizer, through the iron liquid temperature, electromagnetic stirring or artificial stirring to dissolve the carbon absorption, the recovery rate can be about 90%, if the low temperature carburizing process, that is, the charge is only melted part of the molten iron temperature is low, all the carburizer is added to the iron liquid at one time. At the same time, it is pressed into the liquid iron with a solid charge to keep it from exposing the surface of the liquid iron. The carburization of liquid iron in this method can reach more than 1.0%.

Outside furnace carburization

(1) Spray graphite powder inside the bag

The choice of graphite powder as a carburizer, blowing into the amount of 40kg/t, is expected to make the carbon content of liquid iron increased from 2% to 3%. As the carbon content of liquid iron gradually increased, the utilization rate of carbon decreased. The temperature of liquid iron before carburization was 1600, and the average temperature after carburization was 1299. Graphite powder carburization, generally using nitrogen as the carrier, but in industrial production conditions, compressed air is more convenient, and the oxygen in the compressed air combustion to produce CO, chemical reaction heat can compensate for part of the temperature drop, and CO reduction atmosphere is conducive to improving the carburization effect.

(2) Use carburizer when drawing iron

100-300 graphite powder carburizer can be put into the package, or from the iron trough with the flow into, after the iron liquid is fully stirred, as far as possible to dissolve carbon absorption, carbon recovery rate of about 50%.

Method of use of carburizer