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The domestic graphite electrode market price has fluctuated

Sep. 21, 2023

Recently, the domestic graphite electrode market price increased by 500-1000 yuan/ton.

The main reasons for this round of rising prices of graphite electrodes are:

1, the raw material end needle coke price shock for the graphite electrode price has brought strong support, from August, graphite electrode manufacturers generally hold the hope of rising sentiment, hoping to release their own cost pressure by adjusting prices; 2, the recent trend of downstream demand for graphite electrodes has turned good, and the overall shipment of graphite electrode manufacturers is OK. 3, with the weakening of the impact of high temperature and heavy rain weather, superimposing the impact of policies such as stimulating consumption and lowering interest rates, the market mentality has signs of stabilization. 4, due to the first half of the graphite electrode enterprises can not bear the pressure of loss forced to limit production, the graphite electrode market as a whole, the current inventory of graphite electrodes has fallen to a healthy level. 5, the National Day holiday is approaching, steel mills have a certain stock demand, coupled with the electric furnace operating rate began to gradually recover, the domestic graphite electrode trading volume will pick up.


In summary, the graphite electrode market in the good demand, tight supply, high cost driven by the three good, graphite electrode market prices still have bullish expectations.