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Graphite Electrode Quotes

Feb. 13, 2022

The latest negative electrode market and price (2.13):

the negative electrode material market is on a strong trend

This week, the negative electrode material market continued its strong trend, the graphitization production capacity continued to be tight, and the negative electrode market supply also maintained a tight trend. Under the influence of the Winter Olympics, the graphitization production in Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Inner Mongolia and other regions is limited, and the negative electrode graphitization resources are even tighter due to the diversion of products such as graphite electrodes and recarburizers. The raw material side continues to run strongly, graphite flakes are currently high and stable, most enterprises in the main producing areas are still in a state of shutdown and renovation, and the price of graphite flakes is running strongly; needle coke and petroleum coke have risen after the Spring Festival, and the overall supply in the market is tight, which is good for the cost of negative electrodes. The downstream battery factories are operating well, and the demand for negative electrode materials remains high. The negative electrode manufacturers have full orders and active production.


After the holiday, the negative electrode raw material market started a new round of growth. Low-sulfur coke generally rose by 200 yuan/ton. On the one hand, some major manufacturers of needle coke were suspended due to the impact of the Winter Olympics. On the other hand, coal-based coke manufacturers were still willing to start construction. Not strong, mainly because the current price will still bring greater cost pressure to coal-measure coke enterprises.


In the downstream market, the mainstream power battery manufacturers generally produce relatively normal after the holiday, but some mid-to-low-end markets have a normal Spring Festival holiday, and the operating rate is not high. Overall, the production situation this month will still decline, but the battery factory The procurement of negative electrode materials is indeed not short in the off-season, and the procurement strategy is aggressive, and the source of the goods is not rejected.